ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Net income
millions, $
Market cap
millions, $
millions, $
millions, $
Revenue Growth
% year on year


% per year

All indicators are calculated by the TTM method 2


ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and sells generic prescription pharmaceuticals.

1. There may be a delay in updating the share price

2. TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) - The sum of the company's performance in the last 12 consecutive months. The 12 months under consideration do not necessarily have to coincide with the end of the financial year. Let's assume that the company has a report for the 2nd quarter. Based on the data from Q2, as well as the three preceding quarters (Q1 of the same year and Q3, Q4 of the previous year), we get the TTM data we need. For example, TTM revenue = the sum of the company's revenue for the last 4 quarters.

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